• July 15, 2021 12:47 pm
  • Plaines Wilhems

JeanCOB Ltd


JeanCOB Ltd is a newborn company which proposes the following products and services.

(1) Sole representative of Tente Castor wheels ( Tente.com ) We supply new castors, install-on-demand following an approved quote, and assist the client on the mobility solutions in their working area by manufacturing various mobile products.

(2) Agent on Mauritius territory for the brand ACO drainage system including the brand ( Rofo ) we supply drainage systems for roads, sports amenities, stainless steel floor drains for industrial kitchens, and residential projects. Our products can be seen on the link below.

(3) We also provide metal and Stainless steel contracting services and installations.

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  • Category : Others


  • Drainage systems
  • Metal and Stainless steel contracting services and installations.
  • Supply new castors, install-on-demand

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